Mutual Exhibit 2017

Shoru Exhibit 2011

‘SHORU: Vindication and Victory’ speaks to my shifting identity as an artist, woman and mother. These new works continue my exploration of nature, the sublime, and the metaphysical. However, the two new series within ‘SHORU’ draw much of their emotion from my recent life experiences. 'Shoru' means 'warrior' in Sanskrit; and I strongly identified with this archetype as I began reflecting on my recent challenges. The emotional terrain of my path through this transformation is the heart of ‘SHORU’, following my vindication of self and victory over my tribulation.

The turbulent ‘Vindication’ series exemplifies my struggle to maintain and defend my identity as a creator and artist following the birth of my first son last fall. It conveys more heavy, contrasting energies through dramatic colour fields and textures. The second series, 'Victory', captures my own emotional catharsis following this great personal change and my reawakening. This spiritual triumph is represented in minimal compositions that balance exceptionally vibrant colour and archetypal forms. The different media I chose also help to present some integral stages in this very human struggle for peaceful reconciliation with our subjective experience.

‘SHORU’ shares my own personal journey, but it means to speak to the larger human experience of identity - culturally and spiritually. My motherhood embeds, humbles and inspires me, and so, affects my experience and process irrevocably. And it is the greatest gift.